Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Unfinished Sympathy - Avida Dollars [2009]

The Unfinished Sympathy is a modern rock band inspired by diverse influences such as emo/indie 90's bands, 80's pop, and classic hard rock, like a combination of Jets To Brazil, The Police and Van Halen. They started in 2000 with a demo that came to the hands of BCore, which quickly signed them up. First album "The unfinished sympathy" in 2001 had such a good response that led them to their first spanish and european tours, including the recording of a John Peel Session at London's BBC, being the first spanish band ever to be invited to the show, by John himself. An extensive european tour with american band Joshua, a german tour with labelmates Maple and support for Jimmy Eat World and Bad Religion led them to their second album, "An investment in logistics" in 2003. It reached Top 1 at main spanish indie newspaper Mondo Sonoro, and number 3 for Rock Sound in their annual polls, and started to appear on the covers of specialised magazines. Another exhaustive german tour and a second visit to the BBC studios to record another John Peel Session were quickly followed by their third album, "Rock for food" (2004) which also reached Top 1, this time for Rock Sound, and number 2 for Mondo Sonoro. Before that, the advance single "This living kills" had such a big acclaim thanks to the awarded 35mm video and the cover of Undertones' classic "Teenage kicks", conceived as a gift for their friend John Peel. More than 200 shows around Europe prove this is one of the best spanish rock bands to be followed closely.

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  1. Not just one of the best Spanish bands. One of the best bands!