Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Peter Von Poehl - May Day [2009]

The whole album is moved by new vibrations, which increase the songs intensity, even if they’ve once again been made by hand. Just like Going to Where the Tea Trees Are, the majority of May Day was put together in the middle of the Swedish countryside in Christoffer Lundquist s marvellous studio. (A longtime friend and collaborator, Lundquist is once again credited as co-producer.) The arrangements on May Day are bursting with discoveries you just know were spontaneous, specific moments that grew organically out of the sessions. The tight groove of Carrier Pigeon, the irresistible pop whirlpool of Moonshot Falls, the rough blueprints of Dust in Heaven and Near the End of the World or the knowing layering of instruments in the knock-out Elisabeth all share the same sense of discovery and the same taste for play, which stretch across all the parts of von Poehl s unclassifiable songwriting. Utterly resistant to gratuitous stylistic devices from the arrangements to the style, the rhythms to the lyrics everything on May Day is there to benefit a musicality free of harmful gimmicks.

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