Monday, 27 April 2009

Cableline's Attic EP, Vol. 1

...on my website i have began to do weekly ep's as well as the monthly full length mixtapes...i have just posted the first weekly ep there...just click on is the information...

Cableline's Attic EP, Vol. 1
April 2009
"it's a sound, not a rug"
01. The Three O'Clock: Stupid Einstein
02. Green On Red: Gravity Talks
03. Dream Syndicate: Let It Rain
04. The Long Ryders: I Had A Dream
05. Rainy Day: I'll Be Your Mirror

...a paisley underground mix...according to the paisley sound is defined as "the most distinctive subgenre of jangle pop in the mid-'80s. Like jangle pop, the bands in the paisley underground revived the clean, chiming textures of folk rock, but they had a more psychedelic bent to their sound. Jangle-pop bands weren't necessarily revivalists — they updated the ringing guitars and melodies of '60s guitar pop for the '80s — but the paisley underground was determined to keep the sound of the '60s alive, through their music and their appearance. The paisley underground gained a dedicated following in the American underground during the mid-'80s."..who am i to argue...enjoy...


...and the May 2009 full length mix should be out in about a week...going to be a good one...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Cableline's Attic, Vol. 4

April 2009's quiet in the house on the hill...

01. Galaxie 500: Fourth Of July
02. The Blue Nile: The Downtown Lights
03. Chapterhouse: Breather
04. Opal: Happy Nightmare Baby
05. The House Of Love: Christine
06. The Swirlies: Upstairs
07. Kitchens of Distinction: Railwayed
08. Cocteau Twins: For Phoebe Still A Baby
09. Pale Saints: A Thousand Stars Burst Open
10. Slowdive: Machine Gun
11. Lilys: Feb 14
12. Moose: This River Will Never Run Dry


...a shoegaze/dream pop mix...i know some may argue with my inclusions but i feel it represents a comprehensive view of these particular genres...and for more details listen to my podcast for more details and history about the songs included...enjoy...