Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bon Iver - The Myspace Transmissions EP [2009]

Bon Iver visited with MySpace Transmissions for an exclusive performance.

1. For Emma
2. Flume
3. Lump Sum
4. Blindsided

The Chatham Singers - Juju Claudius [2009]

The Chatham Singers second album following their critically acclaimed debut ‘Heavens Journey’ which came out in late 2005, the critically acclaimed ‘Heavens Journey’ was a mixture of Blues and Poetry, this time is a straight blues and little bit of country album. It has has a earthy, homespun charm, something to be taken down from the shelf for comfort on those long lonely nights of the soul.It features the two tracks released as a limited 7” just before Christmas 2008 plus 12 others including some classic covers of songs by Slim Harpo, Jimmy Reed & Hank WilliamsThe core band of Billy Childish on Vox / Guitar Nurse Julie on Vox / Bass Wolf Howard on Drums & ‘Bludy’ Jim on Harp are joined on this album by Graham Coxon (Blur) on Guitar and James Taylor (Prisoners / James Taylor Quartet) on Keyboard.

01 All Who Cheated And Lied
02 Juju Claudius
03 An Image Of You
04 Upside Mine
05 The Son Of Art
06 The True Story Of Elizabeth Sargent
07 Queen Bee
08 Evil Thing
09 Angel Of Death
10 Demolition Man
11 The Right Mistake
12 The Good Times
13 Bring Me Water
14 Baby What's Wrong

Callisto - Providence, 2009


Formed in 2001, Callisto is a metal / progressive / experimental band from Turku, Finland. With their third album "Providence", a follow-up for the widely recognized debut "True Nature Unfolds" and highly acclaimed sophomore album "Noir", the Finnish five-piece has turned a new page in broadening musical expressions. The new album is also the debut for the band’s new vocalist Jani Ala-Hukkala, whose screaming and clean vocals mark a new element in the band’s sonic palette.

Their cathartically dim and characteristic works are the means for the band to draw from a more diverse and timeless sound. Callisto expand on the whole modern sludge genre innovators of Isis and likes with its subtle jazz leanings and experimentation with unconventional rock instruments. Callisto’s lyrics contain strong Christian themes with references to artists such as Trouble and Woven Hand.

"Providence" was produced, engineered and mixed by Jonas Olsson and mastered by Svante Forsbäck. The artwork is contributed by Martin Kvamme of Unit Delta Plus (Fantomas, Satyricon, Turbonegro).

1. In Session
2. Rule the Blood
3. Covenant Colours
4. Eastern Era
5. New Canaan
6. Stasis
7. Where the Spirits Tread
8. Dead Weight
9. Drying Mouths (in a Gasping Land)
10. Providence

Crëvecoeur - #1, 2007

Crëvecoeur's songs are mostly instrumental pieces, a tribute to the glorious days of soundtrack music, yet with a pop sensibility. Definitely something for fans of Morricone soundtrack music, Calexico or Black Heart Procession.

(someone give me a link to #2, please!)

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Swan Lake - Enemy Mine [2009]

Swan Lake’s follow-up to 2006’s Beast Moans is now officially on the docket from Jagjaguwar. Messrs Bejar, Krug, and Mercer will lay out Enemy Mine for the world on 3/24.
1. Spanish Gold, 2044
2. Paper Lace
3. Heartswarm
4. Settle on Your Skin
5. Ballad of a Swan Lake, Or, Daniel’s Song
6. Peace
7. Spider
8. A Hand at Dusk
9. Warlock Psychologist