Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Chris Clark - Growl's Garden [2009]

Chris Clark returns with six brand new tracks of powerful, atmospheric electronic music. This maritime themed album with its Nordic seatown titles conjures up images of crashing waves and men battling against the elements. Tracks that reflect the steely silver of Berlin, where Chris wrote the material, sample the sounds of boots treading on snow and rocks roughly thrown together to form the urgent basslines that run throughout. The lead track ‘Growls Garden’ features haunting vocals from Chris himself.

01. Growls Garden
02. The Magnet Mine
03. Seaweed
04. Gonk Roughage
05. Distant Father Torch
06. Farewell Mining Town

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  1. Thanks, I had no idea he was putting anything new out! Only listened to the first track, but it's awesome. Glad that he can pull off a poppier approach without compromising what made him great in the first place.