Thursday, 5 February 2009

Faust - C'Est Com... Com... Complique [2009]

Bureau B proudly presents: a brand new album of the krautrock institution, revered worldwide as pioneers of avant-garde rock music. Hypnotic, dadaistic, powerful, gentle, melodic, earthy, etheral. This is the sound of Faust.

1. kundalini tremolos
2. accroché à tes lèvres
3. ce chemin est le bon
4. stimmen
5. petits sons appétissants
6. bonjour gioacchino
7. en veux-tu des effets, en voilà
8. lass mich, version originale
9. c'esté

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  1. great blog...keep going on..thank for this album..

  2. Hi

    Just discovered your blog. Very cool. However, I cannot seem to get this mediafire link to work with Faust. I'll keep trying.