Wednesday, 4 February 2009

El Goodo - Coyote [2009]

El Goodo combines the mellow and melodious psychedelic sounds of the Beach Boys, The Byrds and Love with beautiful and lush arrangements that call upon the mystical countryside from whence they came. The result is the creation of a mysterious, sweepingly grand, and at times whimsical approach to their already eclectic soundscape. Their intoxicating sophomore release, Coyote, due January 2009 (Grease Records), is both sprawling and hauntingly deserted, evoking a sonic landscape both richly cultivated and desolate, with intensely poetic harmonies and darkly articulated instrumentation. “Aren’t You Grand”, “I Saw Her Today”, “Talking to the Birds”, and “Oh, to Sleep” feel cinematic, like a dark western cowboy soundtrack, juxtaposing surfy and at times summery melodies to create an ominous score. “Feel So Fine”, “Be My Girl”, and “I Can’t Make It” continue in El Goodo’s knack for beautiful beach harmonies, but opt for psych-breakouts and breakdowns reminiscent of efforts by Olivia Tremor Control and Lansic Dreiden. Coyote was produced by the band in a deserted theater and has brought together Cian Ciaran of the Super Furry Animals’ fame to mix the album, as well as renowned artist Pete Fowler to capture the eloquence of the music for the album’s artwork. Coyote is a beautiful piece of darkly rich psych-pop perfection, brought to you by the new breed of Welsh pop wizards.

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